Song Information

Approximately two months prior to your special event, we

will contact you regarding completing a planning form

so we have more details about how we can make your special event

perfect! At this time, you can provide us with a list of any special

songs that you would like to have played during the evening. If your

special event is a wedding reception, this can include an introduction

song, the cake cutting song, the bride/groom dance song, father/daughter

dance song, mother/son dance song, the wedding party dance song, the

garter toss song, and the bouquet toss song. You can also give

special instructions regarding songs you absolutely must have or

absolutely do not want to have (such as the hokey pokey, the chicken

dance, the dollar dance, or special music styles that you prefer or

would not prefer). We will also gather other information on the

planning form, including the names of the wedding party or any

other particular announcement you would like us to make or

special song that you would like us to play and more!

If you have specific party songs that you would like us to play

throughout the evening, you are welcome to put together a play list.

The list can be as long or as short as you like. If we have the song, we

will play it at an appropriate time (Evening Star DJ/Karaoke has

thousands of songs available). If we do not have all of the songs on your

list, as long as we receive your list ten days before your event, we will

make every effort to have every song on your list by the day of your

event. We will play as many of the songs that you give us as we are

able throughout the evening. We will also take requests from

your guests if you would like us to (your choice).

A Special Note For Those Planning a Wedding Reception:

If you would like some ideas on songs to select for your special

dances, we have provided a list on this page (see the links below)

of special songs that have been used by other brides and grooms on their

special day with Evening Star DJ/Karaoke here in the Upper Peninsula.

More ideas for special wedding reception songs can be found at:

For a list of song ideas, please select from the list below:

Bride/Groom Dance Songs -- Father/Daughter Dance Songs -- Mother/Son Dance Songs
Wedding Party Dance Songs -- Bouquet Toss Songs -- Garter Toss Songs
Cake Cutting Songs -- Bride/Groom/Children Dance Songs

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